Insight. Strategy. Design.
MKRK is a branding and graphic design studio. We are two partners who are analytical and creative, posing questions and answers, meticulous in our process and committed to a meaningful end product, aiming to provide our clients with measurable results through thoughtful and beautiful design.

Brand Identity

In today’s competitive business landscape, the way a brand positions itself, and the way it communicates with its audiences, is as crucial as ever. A well-crafted, authentic brand identity engages with these audiences by expressing a unique promise that stands apart from the crowd. Using insight, strategy and a collaborative design process, we help clients identify and express their brand’s position to reach their audiences.

Digital Communications

Digital media is quickly becoming the primary tool for reaching potential audiences. Organizations and businesses are looking for innovative ways to approach new audiences and better engage with existing ones. We work with clients to find out what exactly it is they want to achieve with their digital presence, we then customize the best approach needed to reach their goals.

Design for Print

While the need for an online presence has become essential for businesses, its crucial not to ignore the value of print. In most circumstances it’s a good idea to produce
print media to support an online existence. Print is a time-tested format for communication and can be easily adaptable to nearly any requirement and application, from posters, books and magazines, to packaging, buildings and much more.